Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Art Retreat Buzz.........Not Your Everyday Workshop

Our Workshops:  Did You Know...

That many of  the instructors teaching at Art Is You actually know each other and share in all the fun, comradery, and laughter right along with you?  We all want the best experience possible for any and all of our art sisters who attend, whether you take just one or several of our workshops.  

Let me explain something about our days spent creating.  They are loaded with stuff like paint and patina, solder and saws, paper and fiber, epoxy and resin, and stencils and pencils and much, much more. 

 If you come to play, you will learn how to rivet and stitch, felt and melt wax, stuff and shape, torch and burn, book bind and bezel set, plus a few things one can only imagine!

Oh! and the things that you will make and take home...how exciting!

Just let me share what I am teaching and let me also fill you in on what some of my friends are teaching as well!

The Sacred Journal Of Reflection

I love little books but am too excitable to sit still to do all that book binding. So, I have put together an awesome little book class that is full of leather and metal and transferred titles without the needles!  You will learn how to flood solder, how to do the perfect book bind, and how to transfer images onto leather in this class.  Start your own mini library!!

Tiara Extraordinaire

Ever want to use vintage silverware in art?  OK, ever want to create your very own beautiful tiara? OK, if the first two things leave you to want for more, how about wanting to learn about working with an AMAZING new and exciting resin epoxy?  Shhh.  The word has not gotten out yet about the fabulousness factor of this product.  Be the first to learn how to use successfully and let this awesome tiara be your prototype.

Twinkly Love Affaire With Words

This a great use for old little bottles, either of the perfume type or salt shaker kind!  This is an evening workshop so there will be lots of hand holding in case you are pooped from the earlier days events.  However, this class is so easy and so fun, everyone will walk away with a very cool piece of necklace that sparkles and glitters and reflects the very essence of who we are : )  
Learn some tips and tricks for soldering these special kind of pieces.

Check out a few of these workshops taught by fellow art instructors as well.......

Whimsical Dress Pendants 

Oh my geezzzz, aren't these the cutest little dress necklaces done in a perfect creative mixed media combo?  I love this idea and love the teaching style of Cat Kerr.  There is a little stitching as well as some basic soldering.  The necklaces are also just as adorable.  When perusing the list, be sure to check this one out girls!

Mini Masterpiece Pendants

Nancy Lefko helps everyone to become a master paint and embellishment designer in this little canvas necklace class.  Embrace true collage work and wear your art piece around your neck.  There is a bit of jewelry making here too.  Visit Nancy's workshop and beautiful eye candy!

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