Saturday, June 14, 2014

Art is...You helped us find each other

It has been my profound pleasure and honor to be part of the AIY Family since the beginning. I remember Year 1 so clearly! 

Art has been in my heart and hand since childhood, back to the days of the folding table in the kitchen corner always stocked with supplies (thanks Mom!) to crafting in my real dollhouse in the backyard (thanks Dad!). 

During AIY years I lost 3 of my best friends from my hometown, 2 to long brave battles with cancer and one passed suddenly from a heart attack. Making art without them was well, lonely and just awful. They were my first art BFF's. 

AIY has brought me my new art family...I am so lucky and blessed! 
Making art with the friends I've made at AIY has helped me grow creatively, personally and professionally!  We just "get" each other! 

Thank you Sallianne and Ellen for everything...

I'm so excited to be teaching this October with Linda Willis! She loves playing with paint, paper, fabric and stitching, just like me!  We have had some fun fabric shopping trips in "Lil Rhody" over the years along with the "Art Girlz". Sitting and stitching  (like in this photo) has probably my favorite thing to do with her (so far!)..we stitch and talk and's perfect!
Linda Willis and Elizabeth Duke
Reversible Apron
One Day Workshop - TWO Teachers!
10:00am - 5:00pm
Kit: $20.00
Come join Linda and Elizabeth for their day long "Reversible Apron" workshop at Art is You....Stamford this October!

Linda will be demonstrating all kinds of fantastic painting techniques and Elizabeth will take you through the making of the apron from a man's button down shirt. The apron is your canvas to showcase your use of both Linda's painting techniques as well as Elizabeth's several stitching and pockets (from the shirt's cuffs and sleeves!) options!
It's gonna be a great day!


Glenda said...

I have my fingers & toes crossed that there will be a repeat performance of Linda & Elizabeth as I will be in CA during Oct AIY. I will definitely take this workshop one day! XOXO

Lynne Suprock said...

wonderful workshop girls! See you in Stamford!! xo

elizabeth said...

Thanks Lynne! See you then!!!