Thursday, June 19, 2014

Meet the Crazies at Art Is You

My first Art is You made me giggle. And chuckle. And snort.  I just couldn’t help the snort because there was so much laughing going on...which led to some silliness...which led to letting go and being fearlessly creative.  

Capturing that fearless creative feeling was the inspiration for my workshop in Stamford, Meet the Crazies.  It’s is all about the play and letting go.  I’ll show you how to give an inner critic the day off as we jump into a giant pile of StencilGirl stencils. 

During this fast paced play, I’ll share some of my favorite stenciling and mark making techniques for you to experiment with as you create a stack of patterned papers.  

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Then we’ll unleash the crazy characters that live in the paint, letting these characters guide the inks that define them and bring life to their stories.  Never fear, I’ve got 3 simple steps that I use to hear the stories that the Crazies are trying to tell me. 

I always have surprise or two up my sleeve and this is no exception!  But you’ll have to be there to find out what treat you’re taking home that cannot be purchased anywhere.  Take a peek at all the details of the workshop here. When you get to Art is You, be prepared to laugh and play.  

What is it like to take a workshop with me?  Here's what Sylvia Tabor said after attending one of my in-person workshops:
"What I found unique compared to other classes I have attended, was how you presented several techniques, then we had ample time to work on them -- all of them, or just we what we wanted. The pace for this was unlike other classes where one technique is shown and then you wait for everyone to complete it before moving onto the next.   By your method, I could do the ones that were easy for me, then spend time on the more challenging ones --- Thank you for this!!!"

Come on over to Art Is You, and Meet the Crazies!

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