Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mysterious Morning Motivators

So what exactly *are* Morning Motivators, anyway? If you’re thinking they sound like those crack-o-dawn sessions you’re forced to attend at business conferences, where some HR spokesperson in a badly wrinkled suit tries to make you feel energized about getting out there and convincing people to Buy More Widgets, then you obviously haven’t attended an Art is You Morning Motivator. Far from being a rah-rah-go-sell-stuff meeting, these are creative jumpstarts to your day, a little space between breakfast and your day’s workshop when you can sit down, finish that last cup of coffee, and get a little hit of inspiration. Sometimes there’s a panel discussion, like the one we had in Petaluma in 2011:

Sometimes I interview someone, as I was doing here. No, I have no idea what we were talking about:

Sometimes someone talks about creativity or inspiration or making stuff or all of those and more, as I got to do last year in Nashville:

Sometimes you make stuff. Sometimes you get to talk and listen and ask questions. Whatever you do, you get a chance to meet some of the other attendees you haven’t had a chance to talk to yet. 

Last year one of my favorite Morning Motivators was our Fashion Show & Tell in Petaluma, where people wore artwear: things they’d made or bought from other artists or been given by someone who knows what artists like. And not just fancy clothes, either; we wanted to see studio aprons and mended jeans and funky sweaters, and we got to see all that and more: painted shoes, fabulous hats, groovy jewelry. People climbed up in their chairs (not everybody, but some!) and showed us what they were wearing and told a little about it. If they’d made it themselves, they could answer questions about materials and techniques. It was beyond fun (for me, especially!), and we’re planning more of those.

We’re planning some really informal Getting to Know You sessions, where you can make new connections and ask questions you always want to ask but never really get a chance to, like, “OMG! How did you make that suitcase??” (There were some little suitcases being used as art kits that were so totally cool it’s a wonder they weren’t whisked away and kidnapped.)

There will be panel discussions, some that are just entertaining, and some that are informative. I’m planning one with two of the top editors in the field of mixed media, and you won’t want to miss that one, for sure.

So even though mornings can be hectic, especially if you’re not particularly low-maintenance and are struggling with jet lag and a hotel room exploding with all the supplies you brought along, it’s so, so worth the effort to come down to breakfast and then make your way over to the Morning Motivator. We promise we’ll let you go in plenty of time to get to your workshop, and you’ll be so glad you joined us. We’ll be glad, too!


Melissa Bolton said...

No to be missed!
I have loved all of the morning motivator sessions- both the ones I hosted and the ones I attended. DEFINITELY worth getting up early for to attend!

Debbie said...

Oh, I SO would love to attend something with people encouraged to wear their art clothing! So much delight in one room!