Thursday, February 13, 2014

Art Is...Your BFF with Lesley Venable.....

Hi everyone!!  Lesley here and I am sitting typing and watching the beautiful snow fall in Virginia.  Just in case you don't recognize the name here is the face.....

Just in case you don't recognize me on my own here I am with Mr. Lesley, aka The Cookie Man, aka the $50 Man, aka Earl's Tormentor, aka Tom, aka One of Lesley's BFFs.  You can read more about my art, our lives and our rescued fur babies over at my place on the web....Lesley V. - Vignettes of My Life.

Time is flying and soon it will be time for us to gather for all of the Art Is...You Retreats!!  As we head towards our time to gather together I wanted to give you a bit of insight into our teachers through their words and images.

In keeping with our Art Is...Your BFF theme a mission was begun to learn about our instructors...their thoughts on what makes a great BFF, who their BFF(s) is/are and what their non-artistic friends think of this thing we all love called mixed media.

We are going to begin our journey of deeper understanding (sounds impressive right?!?) with the one and only Cat Kerr. 

What is your definition of a BFF? 
Someone that is there during the ups and downs.Someone that you can laugh with(so hard it makes your belly hurt), someone that you can sit silently with and not worry about the conversation,someone that gives you space when you need it,someone that gets the quirky side of you,the serious side,the passionate side.Someone that’s let’s you fly,but always sticks around,just in case you need a soft cushion to fall on.
How may BFFs do you have in your life?      Two.  My Hubby and Sister Ingrid
How do your BFFs influence your creativity?
The biggest way my husband influences me,is by letting me,be me. He’s never asking me to fit a mold,or to be a certain way. He encourages,and gently nudges me to go after what I believe to be my hearts passion.  My sister is also a creative,and it is in the “enthusiasm” we share for creating that I become inspired. It’s in that schoolgirl chatter,…as we talk about products,techniques,new books,articles, and video’s.That frenzy that comes over me…after one of our chats…that makes me run to create.
Do your BFFs that are not creative understand your art and creative processes?
No, and that’s ok. My hubby only want me to be happy,and Art makes me happy.He applauds the results,without knowing what it is,what I used,what inspired me.He only knows that joy I feel in creating, it shines outward as I ramble on and on talking about something he doesn’t quite get…and even still, he’s happy for me.Because that’s what Bff’s do,they listen and they smile,they encourage and they say things like… “I always knew you could do that”.

Cat's Husband & BFF With Their Son Joshua
Cat's Sister & BFF Ingrid
Cat's Class Images


You can read all about Cat and find out about her beautiful creations by visiting her site

Thank you so much Cat for sharing your BFFs and creative spirit with us!!!  See you soon!

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Lesley V.