Monday, February 24, 2014

Getting to know........Mary Beth Shaw!!!!!

Mary Beth Shaw
What is your definition of a BFF?  
Best Friends Forever however I think that 'forever' is kind of a moving target. I have lived a rather transient life, moving a lot, and tend to accumulate friends wherever I go. The term BFF used to mean someone who was part of my life *really* forever, but these days I think of it in more casual terms yet it is no less meaningful.
How many BFFs do you have in your life?
I have a bunch of them, for different reasons, art friends, shopping friends, 'couple' friends, workout friends, serious friends (they know where the bodies are buried) , decorating friends, animal pals, etc, etc. 
How do the BFFs in your life influence your creativity?
 My BFFs give me the freedom to be me. They support me unconditionally and are there to listen to all my hair brained idea.  They will talk me through artistic hypothoses and I can and I can bounce things off of them. They help me conjure up plans and are game for adventure and spontaneity.  My Art BFFs are really the best, we are unstoppable (at least in our own minds, ha!).
Do your BFFs that are not creative understand your art and creative processes? No, the older I get, the more I tend to narrow the scope of my BFFs and ones related to
my art and creativity always win out.



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