Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Getting To Know.......Jacquie Williamson!!!!!

Jacquie Williamson             
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What is your definition of a BFF?   a bff is someone you can always rely on.  someone to turn to when you are in need.  someone to share your hopes, dreams, sorrows, accomplishments, defeats, worries and secrets.  someone who will give you advice without judgements.  someone to hold your hand when you are afraid and lift you up when you are down.  a bff is someone who is always there for you no matter what and you for them.
How many BFFs do you have in your life?   i only have a couple.  bff’s are hard to come by and very treasured in my life.  i tend not to trust that many people with my deepest thoughts and feelings.
How do the BFFs in your life influence your creativity?  they are very supportive and encouraging.  being an artist is a lot harder than most people realize.  it’s nice to have someone to turn to when things aren’t going well who can help put things into perspective.  also, i use a lot of inspirational quotes in my work, and my bff’s have inspired my in many ways in that part of my art.  
Do your BFFs that are not creative understand your art and creative processes?  they do seem to understand my art, but i’m not so sure about the creative process or the time and effort being an artist takes.  i think they respect it though, even if they don’t understand it.
Jacquie's Class at Art Is...You Dixie
Hope to see you at Art Is...You Dixie!!! 
Come join the magic, the family and the fun!!!
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