Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Word from a Jersey Girl


Art-Is-You - Growing, Friendship, and Family.


I am a Jersey girl with many friends, none of which were like minded. I was debating on going to Art-is-You. I got on the message boards (lurking in the background of coarse), and noticed there was a fellow Jersey girl going also.


So after much encouragement and gentle nudging from Sallianne and Ellen, they managed to convince me, yes I could come on my own. I could do it! So I decided to go hunt down the Jersey girl and say hello Kecia Deveney. We agreed to meet up at AIY.

Still with butterflies in my stomach, I went alone. I was only in the hotel 5 minutes, ran into Kecia. We decided to dump our individual rooms and share. The rest there is history...we've been 2 peas in a pod ever since. How cool is that?! (Editor’s Note: Third Pea is Taryn Reece!)


My first class was with The very talented JoAnnA Pierotti...WOW. Who would have ever known that we would become soul sisters. (Editor’s note: I believe this was after workshops but before the bar…Annie Hesse, Kecia Deveney, Jane Blanco, Carol Mania, Di Russell Horn and JoAnnA!)


So from the beginning talking about not having like-minded people around me.......at AIY they are everywhere letting you be free to be you and surrounding you with love, sharing creativity, and laughter.

IMG_8811(Editor’s Note: Jane and Kecia cheated)

The bottom line is.......it's the place to BE!!!!!!!!!


Jane Blanco


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moonlady47 said...

AIY seems like it would be a very fun thing to do! There will be one in Petaluma, CA this year! Maybe one day I will go.......