Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Family Reunion…

There are so many reasons to be a part of this inclusive family reunion:

Every registration includes:

  • Tag & Daily Treats
  • Phenomenal Workshop with the best faculty in the country
  • Lunch
  • Supper
  • Motivating morning sessions
  • Inspirational evening sessions

Every family member has permission to:

  • Build and design our Retreat Ofrenda under the guidance and creative support of the irresistible Michael deMeng.
  • Create a unique bracelet designed by our talented Katherine England.
  • Be empowered by early morning journaling and/or motivational sessions.
  • Attend our phenomenal Art Trunk that features unique vintage items and original flea market finds. Plus art papers, kits, beads, collage sheets, fabrics & yarns.
  • Wear Pink on Friday and Pajamas on Sunday!

We are also thrilled to announce:
That our Petaluma Peeps will once again have the opportunity to
attend our Friday session of ART CHURCH - hosted by our vivacious and gorgeous
Rice Freeman-Zachery.

and over on the East Coast

Retreat goers will experience the charm, wit and graciousness of our delightful friend Melissa Bolton
at our Breakfast of the Brave on Sunday morning.



This is the year! Come and experience what many say "is the best mixed media art retreat they have ever been too"!

There is magic at "Art Is...You." And not just the magical art that is happening around every corner, in every nook and cranny, generously offered by kind and welcoming teachers. But there is magic in the love and humor and fellowship that greets you from the very first moment you walk into the retreat. You'll wear a smile for days on end. You'll laugh like you never have before. You'll form new and everlasting friendships. You will be so inspired that the feeling will remain with you forever. Whether your fist time attending or if you've been before, you will know that you've come "home."
Nancy Lefko, NH

Happy 4th of July


Sal n Ellen

Email: artis@art-is-you.com
Web: art-is-you.com



Imagery features:
Pamela Huntington - Photoshop for Mixed Media and Collage

Andrea Matus deMeng - Veils of Psyche
Thomas Ashman - Glass Journal
Sue Pelletier - A Flag For Your Thoughts

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