Sunday, July 22, 2012

Australian Artist Greta Young reflects on what Art means to her…



Art is.......

Art is my escape from a sometimes, very stressful work life. Making art is a way to make my heart sing. That wonderful feeling when you create something that meets or exceeds your expectations. The marrying of colour and texture! I LOVE colour..... and I love putting colours together which “work”. If I am lacking in mojo, I just gather together elements and colours which make me feel good inside and make me want to create something!

I thank Julie Cadd (van Oosten) from Collections Elements for teaching me to appreciate vintage style... putting together old images, bits of fabric and rustic elements, aging them to create something that looks like it came from early last century. Things that once, I wouldn’t have given a second glance to, now have a new meaning for me. Her never ending creative talents have inspired many paper lovers. My good friend Jenny Crossley whose work I admire and adore. When you look at it, her (papecraft) designs aren’t intricate, but they are always well balanced, and amazingly beautiful.

I have art to thank for the many friendships I have made with fellow crafters. There is nothing like a day out with my crafty friends, “junking” or spending the day shopping for goodies at paper craft stores! No alcohol required to have a good time here! Spending the day creating with a group of friends or even people you have just met, is a wonderful way to pass a day. The sharing of ideas, techniques and even supplies!

img234aSo art to me is taking a bunch of individual items and putting them together to create something pleasing to my eye, about taking the time to create a card or a present for someone dear to my heart. Creating “Art” is an important part of my life and I hope that I can continue to make art until the end of my days!

Greta Young

Melbourne Australia

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