Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Pierotti 9

unless you spend time with JoAnnA Pierotti and then you want to make sure that you are covered in the goodness of creativity that our JoAnnA shares so freely.


JoAnnA Pierotti of Moss Hill Studios has been a part of our Art is…You Family since the beginning. 


In fact she was the first artist that said “yes” when asked to teach at our inaugural event in Connecticut and that comment was quickly couched with the comment – oh but I have never done this before!!

Ellen and Sallianne both said … “and the problem with that is…?”

That year we traveled an emotional road with Jo as she hit one of life’s largest obstacles – Breast Cancer.  In fact her fight with this terrible disease was the impetus for us to include fundraising as a significant part of our retreat and today it is known as “Living in Generosity” and we celebrate Pink Friday.

In 2012 we have over 200 committed donations to our events in both Petaluma and Stamford.


If you have never taken a class with JoAnnA, we encourage you to do so.  Many artists come back year after year to take a workshop with her because it is not just about the workshop, it is about the experience.

Jo is teaching on both coasts this year, and there is a spot for you.


Sentimental Journey 1 Sentimental Journey 6
Sentimental Journey – Extra spots opened up

Captured Wishes 1 Captured Wishes 3
Captured Wishes


Sentimental Journey 3 Sentimental Journey 8
Sentimental Journey

Captured Wishes 4 Captured Wishes 2
Captured Wishes

gypsy princess1 gypsy princess2
Gypsy Princess

Come and create with JoAnnA!

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Seth said...

Jo is such a special person and it is so nice to see her spotlighted here. I cannot wait to see her in Stamford!