Friday, July 20, 2012

Art Is...You has changed my life in so many ways.



I have grown as an artist and branched out into so many mediums that I never would have tried before. I started out as a quilter so the world of mixed media and ephemera were things I had never heard of.


My first class was a doll with a beaded face class. I felt so welcomed by the teacher and students that I couldn't wait for year 2.


I took metal and soldering and altering board books and band-aid boxes, and no one told me my pages were lumpy or crooked, they said they were beautiful and they meant it.


I learned that I really did miss fabric after a fabric journal class, using luscious laces and velvets and silks substituted for the quilters cottons. Now I still work with the other mediums but my first love fabric is always present.

!cid_17C3F810-AC98-494C-929E-8F177BC061C2 BZLoeyColleen jenny aaron and me

I also have grown as a person, learning that people will love me for me, I can be myself now that i have found who I want to be.


We laugh, cry, hope, learn and support each other.


The genuine friendships I have developed between students and teachers will last a lifetime.

011 Creating for Charity

I am SO PROUD to call Art Is...You family.

Sallianne and Ellen should be very proud of their family.

IMG_8789Colleen Peck

Moonfaerie Designs


You can find Colleen most weekends at Coventry Farmers Market where she sells her fabric and jewelry art.




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