Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 Art Is…In the Garden: New York Summer Workshop Series



In the Summer of 2011 we present the second Summer Series of Art in the Garden.


2011 GARDEN (854 x 1280)
Judy Gula presents Dye Day
Saturday, June 18 2011

Collages4 (914 x 1280)
Sue Pelletier presents There Once was a Girl
Sunday, July 10, 2011

heart with wings collage
Kecia Deveney presents Winged Love
Sunday, July 17 2011

Workshops will be held at The Homestead.  Attendees are encouraged to arrive a little earlier to get setup, grab their coffee/tea and morning scone before starting class. Sit amongst the azeleas during a lunch that is included in the workshop fee.

73 Homestead Road
Scarsdale, New York

Metro North to Scarsdale Station

Travel South down the Hutch to Exit 19
Travel North up the Hutch to Exit 17

Traveling from interstate?
We would be happy to assist with accommodation, collection & drop off.


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