Thursday, February 24, 2011

SPOTLIGHT: On Nicole Bowen



Faculty Name: NIcole Bowen

New Jersey

Current Residence:
  Columbus, NJ 

Necessary Job:  Ummmm, Cleaning up after 3 kids and husband

How long have you been doing art? 
Since I was 18, so, 24 yrs...whew

At what age did you begin creating and why? 
Again 18, I began creating because my mother always was sewing, and making things...everything..from curtains, to clothing, to ceramics...then she began making reproduction porcelain dolls, and I got hooked making Kewpies, a lovely little doll created by Rose O'Niell in the 1940's...I started sewing to make my own clothes, then I sculpted and made porcelain dolls with my mother for a very long time..I then became a fabric-aholic..I bought every kind of wool felt and homespun fabric and began making primitives...Dolls, candles, purses, you name it..I opened a store in my house when my first daughter was 9 months 1997.  Our house is almost 300yrs old, so the setting was perfect for a country store...then 2 more children arrived and I gave it all up because I needed the space back and had little time..But Wait!! I then couldn't stand not making things so I began just hand sewing little felt ditties.. we built an edition on our home and added a big studio, just for me! Thats when things got back on track for me..I began sewing felted purses and animals like crazy after the kids went to bed..

I haven't really stopped since...

What is your favorite part of teaching? 
To share the knowledge I have with people that I know will become my friends is a wonderful thing.  It comes naturally to me because I have a group of girls that get together every week and we all share a new talent or idea..We teach each other, and I think that happens in every situation.. I like to share what makes my heart happy. 

What do you find most challenging about teaching? 
Making sure that my students are comfortable with their interpretation of my product.. I want them to use their own creativeness, and not try to copy everything exactly as I have done.  

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I read, I drink tea, or coffee, and I love to knit or sketch..oh and i LOVE project runway

What is your favorite type of art medium?
I can't keep my mind or hands on one medium, you probably have noticed that about me, but I must say, I always go back to fabric.

What is one interesting (trivial) fact that everyone should know about you? 
I like rap music

Nicole can be found here…amongst the Earth Angels

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