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Faculty Name: Dee Foust
Birthplace: Phoenix Arizona
Current Residence: Northern California
Necessary Job: Design full time - Licensed Designer/Bethany Lowe and Fabrics & Furnishings LLC

How long have you been doing art?
Since I was born

At what age did you begin creating and why?
Actually I started loving art in first grade when I drew a carrot and teacher went on and on at how good it was.  My favorite holiday was Valentine's Day, I always made my parents a handmade Valentine.  My first paid project was a floor to ceiling macrame shelving unit and I was in 10th grade - was paid $100!!

What is your favorite part of teaching?
New to teaching but will love the creative energy and to be able to watch others personalize their creative works.

What do you find most challenging about teaching?

I would think the most challenging part will be to keep on task and not get carried away chatting with everyone.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I spend days with my daughter going to movies and out to lunch, love gardening too.

What is your favorite type of art medium?
Favorite medium is paper.

Who is your favorite artist?
Too many to choose - I love any and all handmade.  I think if someone takes the time to make something you should always cherish it.

What is one interesting (trivial) fact that everyone should know about you? 
Used to own Holly Berry Hill Mail Order Catalog

Attach your favorite image and detail why it is your favorite.

Image of my daughter in a photoshoot for my draperies.  Even at 21 years old she still let's me dress her up!


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All I can say is, LUCKY HER!!!!!!!!!!!! I would love someone to dress me up like that and set me in front of the Eiffle Tower!!!
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