Thursday, October 9, 2014

Art Is Stamford, Here We Are!

And now we've all moved east, from Petaluma to Stamford, Connecticut, back to Art is You roots and what Sal calls, "Our East Coast Girls," only she says it in that fabulous accent of hers, so it comes out "Our East Coast Gulls," which I love.

We had our first Morning Motivator this morning, and it was wonderful: we start off with Getting to Know You, where we get up (with a microphone this time, too!) and tell a little about ourselves. I love hearing where people are from and what they love to do and why they're here. My favorite, of course, is when they share their Secret Unappreciated Talents, which range from fabulous singing to doing a chicken imitation to touching the tip of your nose with your tongue to still being able to do the splits (yes, we get real-life demos of all these things, and I'm so sorry if you've missed any of these).

Here's where we have the Morning Motivators and evening activities, which is a really nice, big space:
 Tonight we'll be doing Teach Me! and I'll have more about that later in the week. I can't tell you about it now because it's the very first time we've done this, and I have absolutely no idea what kinds of things we'll learn. I can't wait to find out. I'm bringing spoons, is all I know.

Here are Sal and Ellen in Command Central, with boxes and bags, notes and aprons and art and who-knows-what-else. This is where everyone comes to ask questions and find out where they're supposed to be when they're not sure where they are. Command Central, indeed.
Now I'm off to gather up some stitching and go hang out in workshops, sitting and stitching and reveling in the good vibes. The energy is palpable, and I get to go be right in the middle of it and report back~~

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