Friday, September 26, 2014

Jane LaFazio's Fabulous Fabric Adventure

OK, so the workshop was actually called Text and Textiles, but then I didn't actually *take* the workshop. I have, in fact, taken only 1 1/2 workshops in all the years I've been hanging out with mixed media people. I am so not good in workshops. But I love Jane's work, and I love being around other people who are stitching, and getting to  spend the day doing that was too enticing to resist. Jane generously let me come hang out in her classroom, and I sat with Tonia Jenny and pretty much spent 6 straight hours stitching. It was perfect.

Jane is a kind and generous and inspiring teacher, plus her classroom looks like this, which is what heaven looks like to stitchers:

These were her classes examples, and you can imagine what fun it was to get to watch her demonstrate all these techniques:

So that was something I've never done before, and isn't that amazing? I've been to tons of art retreats on both coasts over a dozen years, and this is the very first time I've spent the day hanging out in a classroom and absorbing the good vibes. And it was marvelous, and now I'm wondering what else there is that I might be missing. I think I'd better go find out, don't you?

If you're not here with us, we hope we see you in Stamford or somewhere along the Art is You trail next year. If you can't make it in person, though, we're always here online, sharing as many of our adventures as possible with.

Oh: to finish for now, let's have a photo of  The Official Art is You Photographer in a fedora for Pink or Punk Day:

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Jane LaFazio said...

thanks so much Rise! it was great having you in class and thanks sooo much for the kind words!