Sunday, June 8, 2014

No other place,I'd rather be

The thing is..

When My sister Ingrid and I first attended Art is You,well without sounding to corny,it totally and completely changed my life.

Not for reasons you might think...I mean I did finally get to meet art sisters that I had only talked to online for years...

and I did get to take amazing workshops...

and I also attended a totally stocked wam bam thankyou mam Art Truck Event...

but what did it...what hammered in the nail,was the was the sense of belonging..the feeling that I had finally found the place where I belonged...

...and since getting on that plane home in 2012 I realized,...that there is just no other place...

I'd rather be.

Always Thankful,always excited.always giddy as a school girl when 
Art Is You 
is around the bend!
Come Join me,...and so many other creative souls/friends/bffs/tribe!
I promise..It will change your life.
Much Love,

1 comment:

Dawn Gold said...

Totally agree, if you haven't attended yet...what are you waiting for?
It does change your life ❤️