Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Laughing Until It Hurts at Art Is You

There is always laughter waiting around each and every corner at Art Is You.  Why? Because of the people.  Creative types are just fun.  I might be biased but there is no denying how much laughing happens at Art Is You.

Laughing happens in class.  Here's a short video put together with the students in Pam Carriker's class at Nashville's Art Is You.

Then, laughing happens at lunch.  Marjie Kemper and Judy Shea rocked the house as the music played!

And more laughing in class!  Julia Kellogg and Kirsten Reed are working hard making their aprons in a Linda Willis class.  There is lots of laughing in class, especially with Linda Willis!

There is laughter and smiles after class because there is always something going on like the StencilGirl Products Yabba Dabba Doodle Party in Memphis!  The smile on Ricë's face says it all.

There is even laughing before class at the Morning Motivators!  Lesley Venable had us all in stitches with her story!  

There is even laughter in the restrooms, but I am not going to share a photo from that.  

It won't be long until I am back at Art Is You laughing with old friends and making new ones. See you there!  


Maria McGuire said...

Carolyn, what a wonderful recount of the AMAZING time that we all have at Art Is You! You found the very essence of the event in your post :)

Marjie Kemper said...

Such a great recap! Laughter, fun, and friendship. Love that pic of me and Judy being goofballs (and the fact that goofballs are encouraged at Art Is You!)

Judy Shea said...

Sure hope have have some goofy times again.