Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lynne has some Simply Pretty Stuff to say about Art is…You


DSC_0112As an attendee, for me it was a chance to become refreshed, like a sponge in water....and what wonderful shapes and colors a sponge can have when it is full.

Why I wished to teach at Art Is.... was because of the immediate kinship, hearty laughing without uncertainty, and, if you needed it, a mentor's hand and out stretched arms that would forever be there no matter where you both called home.

ring_bling web(3)That gave me great promise as an instructor... to be counted among such kind and talented artists, and to share their dedication and celebration of art. xo,

Lynne Suprock from PA

Join Lynne on Friday night – October 5th in Stamford for her Ring Bling Workshop.

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