Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jodi Ohl says that Art is…You is Empowering!


As an instructor, I'm looking forward to my second year teaching at Art Is...You.


There are very few places out there that one can go to and feel EMPOWERED to be 150% who you are and do so in the most creative sense.

AIYstudentsFrom the moment you even register for the event, whether its months in advance or the day of, you are ENGAGED by everyone and you immediately feel a part of a community.

DSC_0119There is ENCOURAGEMENT every step of the way , it is similar to having your own set of cheerleaders there for you and wanting you to feel comfortable, feel inspired, and be a part of the community right from the get go.

AIYjodiohlgroovylittlevillages13As a relatively new teacher, I felt EMPOWERED by having been given my first opportunity to teach at a large retreat, simply because Sal and Ellen believed in me, and for that I am ETERNALLY grateful.


Most of cannot help but to feel EMBRACED once becoming part of the Art Is...You family. That is a true gift and not found in all art retreats, but you can be guaranteed it can be found here.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring so many and for such an ENJOYABLE is a true experience.

Jodi Ohl
Mixed Media Artist

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