Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A thank you from Lesley

How do you say thank you to someone for ............
  1. Giving you the gift of friendship or
  2. Hugging you like they love you because they do or
  3. For encouraging every part of your creative journey because they are there with you every step of the way or
  4. For accepting you just as you are where you are or
  5. Choosing to spend their creative time with you when they have so many wonderful choices in front of them or
  6. For their believing so much in your art and your ability that they want to help you progress farther or
  7. For just stopping by to visit either in the classroom or at vendor night or when you are just too pooped to go any further and you are relaxing on one of the nicely provided sofas or
  8. For loving your angels as much as you do because of their background and the love put into them or
  9. For their generous and sharing spirits or, mostly,
  10. For every kindness and encouragement, and tear and smile given freely and happily for the propping up and helping out and the memories that I can't figure out how to repay (if that is even possible)?
All I can say is thank you to my Art Is family, each and every one of you, your smiles and excitement and creations and laughter are like some sort of artistic helium that encourages me to go higher and higher. I love you all (in the South we would say ya'll or all ya'll) and cannot wait to see you next year and the year after that and so on.
Merci Beaucoup my family & friends.

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Sal n Ellen
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