Thursday, May 31, 2012

Spend your summer like a penguin…

With May coming to a close we are enjoying the ride into summer with a wave of births, weddings, proms, graduations, annual treks, friendships and new endeavors.

Before we all get swept away on a path of sunscreen and margaritas, we encourage you to take a moment to check in and register for Art is...You!...



So many have all ready registered...and they are joining those who know that our retreats are unique, personal, special..... and yes morning & evening events plus lunch are all included!

Register now and spend your summer collecting supplies!

Register now and join our online lounge room!

Register now and exhale...

Looking for first hand experiences and workshops, then stop by any of these blogs and send these artists a note.

Moonfaeirie Designs : Betti's Beehive :
Suzeblogz : Gold Betty Boop

We promise will have fun!

Happy Summer!!

Sal n Ellen


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