Monday, September 20, 2010

“Successful Women”

IMG_6070 It is our belief that success is your own interpretation and not necessarily the interpretation of others….although the world we live in does require this on many levels.

Last week we packed our bags and headed to the beautiful city of Minneapolis. On a clear bright day we arrived and headed straight to …. KINKOs! Yes the banner was yet to be printed and we had discovered a weird and wonderful thing that existed in this town…Customer Service!! Oh what joy it was to find someone who was invested in your happiness, your product and the end result….but let us get off the Customer Service soap box because that is a whole other blog entry.

We spent the week listening and meeting many women who had:

Built Empires

Published Books

Created Magazines

Invented Products

Designed Fabrics

Inspiring messages, thought provoking ideas and the opportunity to remind ourselves that “the world is our oyster”.

But we discovered another type of success.

The roars of laughter (from behind closed doors)

The squeals (well we are women after all) of JOY

The wet tears on smiling faces (when artists shared their stories)

and Armbandits (artists seen wandering around arm in arm around the handmade market)

We found ourselves surrounded by some long time members of our Art Is…You family and we found ourselves welcoming with open arms new family members. Each of them bringing to the table their own gifts, their own skills, their own talents, their own kindness, their own love, their own stories, their own ideas and their own glass of wine (if it was after 5 and the meetup was in the sports bar).

We reveled in the sisterhood around us.

This type of success can not be measured by profit lines, inventory or bank accounts but it is a success that every woman felt, enjoyed and came home with.

Who shall find a valiant woman?...She is worth more than precious gems!..
She is a woman of strength and dignity...her words are wise and kindness is the rule of everything she says.

Proverbs 31


krys kirkpatrick said...

I could not have agreed more. And your women....the best!

Laura Pallatin said...

Your site is so fun! I wanna run out there and join your life. And... make a shower outside... And a lounge space in my yard! Thanks for all the wonderful images!
Laura Pallatin