Friday, September 10, 2010

The Miracle of You Art Auction for The Little Baby Face Foundation


Contributing artists to date:

Terri Ventura

Pamela Huntington

Loretta Benedetto Marvel

Ann-Denise Anderson

Kimberly Moore

Pamela Hastings

Angela Huggins

Laurie Meseroll

Sue Pelletier

Ruth Goldfarb

JoAnnA Pierotti

Pam Carriker

Cheryl Figliola

Colleen Athens

Marlene Haveron

Taryn Reece

Amber Dawn

Janice Warren

Kathleen Nesi

Nancy Lefko

Brenda Bliss

Lesley Venable

Laura Spano

Karenne Crow

Terra Sheridan

Jean Van Brederode

Linda Schultz

Judy Wilkenfeld

Carrie Joy Byrnes

Kecia Deveney

Cheryl Strait

Ellen Legare

Our National and International artists have made this

an event to remember. 

Thank You!

(Artist list as at 09/01/2010)

Max McClelland – March 2006  Max 060328 07

Max McClelland – September 2010 (Holding the donated artwork of the fabulous Sue Pelletier)


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