Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Taryn Reece and Kecia Deveney

We're painting the roses red with Taryn Reece...

Taryn Reece has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration from the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford. Taryn enjoys working with many different types of media as the mood or muse strikes her. Her watercolor and pen & ink work have appeared in many commercially-licensed designs, as well as privately commissioned pieces. Taryn has been featured in several articles in Somerset Studios and Somerset Memories.

Taryn and her husband Scott live on Windy Hill Farm in Maine. As much as she is constantly amazed and inspired by Mother Nature, Taryn has to admit she also has a fascination with the creations of man. Junky antiques, rusted metal pieces, old doll parts, antique glass glitter, teeny tiny miniatures, found objects and absolutely any type of paper ephemera…these things make her heart flutter! Scott and Taryn founded NavelJelly Studios, a mixed media & alternative art supply company with the mission to provide like-minded souls with quality-made products. Their studio specializes in providing original designs, weird & wonderful found objects, as well as all things miniature. Taryn and Scott have supported Art Is…You since its first year. For more information, please visit

Taryn's Art Is...

Thursday - Coronation of Alice
Friday - A Story Book mEnding
Saturday Evening - Prints Charming
Sunday - Secret Books
SundayNight - Sweetie Cakes

Art is ... following Kecia Deveney down the rabbit hole...

Originally from California, Kecia is a mixed media/jewelry artist/photographer, who now resides in New Jersey. Drawing inspiration from her life experience as the mother of a severely disabled child, Kecia has channeled that energy into learning and creating art. She's been known to go to a flea market on the hottest days in the summer or 17 degrees in the winter to see what she can find to play with. Experimenting with "reclaimed discardia" results in many unique pieces of storytelling art. She's recently been published in Altered Couture and has several other pieces of jewelry in the submission process. Her goal as a teacher is to support, motivate and inspire others. You can read more about her artistic journey at and

Kecia's Art Is...
Thursday - Cherished Snippet Journal Friday - A Garden Goddess Saturday - A Soldered Inheritence Sunday - Layers of Clarity

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