Sunday, October 5, 2008

Once Upon a Time...

Those of you that read my column in Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine read about my fear and trepidations when first asked to teach at an art retreat. I had serious doubts that I knew enough about art or was talented enough to teach anyone anything about making art.

But most of all, I was afraid that I would not have what it takes to be the kind of teacher that lights a fire in her students and gets their creative juices going. I learned so much about teaching art that weekend and the most important thing I learned was that students come to art retreats with all that inspiration inside them.

A good teacher is just there to impart some skills, teach a few techniques, and provide a format in which the student can take the time and space to draw their art out. In short, I learned that we all have our red balloons and given a chance, our red balloons will appear as if by magic.

I have had the honor of being asked back to teach this fall at Art Is, along with a roster of talented and amazing teachers. I am sure the magic will be back!
Please come and join us at one of the few northeast art retreats featuring nationally known teachers at a reasonable price in a very pretty, comfortable hotel in the country in Connecticut.

Loretta Marvel, Teacher 2007, Teacher 2008

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