Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cat Kerr Workshops

Thrilled to pieces to be teaching at Art is You in Stamford Ct!
I taught live for the first time EVER last year and boy was I neerrrrrvvvvoooouuus!
But the students were so warm and kind and giving...
they made me feel right as rain...
and I will forever be thankful for that. Here's Patti showing off the pendant she made in my class..I cant help but smile when I look at this photo.

This year I have two new workshops...and boy are they fun,and full of technique!
First up,my Whimsical/Happy Dress Pendants! 
Here's a bit about them...

Next up...a Solder Casting technique in "Hope is a thing with Feathers"...I get dizzy with this technique...so many possibilities...so many fun shapes to make!! Oooh Swoon! In this class I'll show you how to make lovely personalized feather solder castings...

How cool is that!
I hope you can join me,along with so many other totally cool and inspiring instructors!!
That's right
I'm excited about it!
Love and Hugs,

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Lynne Suprock said...

cannot wait to see ya there art sister......