Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Karen O’Brien is a doll…face!



I found out about Art Is You through my good friend/artist and instructor, Laurie Mika.

I have taught many workshops and know that teachers do not return to or recommend events if they are not fun, in a great location and well organized.

Art-Is-You seems to fit the bill. I am very excited to be teaching ("Doll Face" on Friday Eve), vending and attending as a student. I hope to meet lots of new creatives and find all of you who, like me, selected "weird" to describe yourself!

Karen O'Brien

P.S. Are you a local of Petaluma or town close by?  Can’t take time off work but would relish a little art time…contact us and we will give you a special Friday night rate on for Karen’s workshop.

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