Thursday, August 16, 2012

Imagine A Special Place!

enewsaug15d (600 x 360)Imagine yourself in a castle in the sky
Where polka dot rabbits know how to fly
You can be anywhere you want to be
Your imagination will set you free

A special place
Flying through space

Imagine this
Imagine that
Imagine you're a dragon or a kooky cat

Imagine you're the singer in a rock n' roll band
Imagine you're a knight in a far off land
Imagine you're a fish in the deep blue sea
Or a bird at the top of a giant tree

Flying a plane
Driving a train
Imagine here
Imagine there
Imagine you're a monster with crazy hair

aug15a (600 x 360)
Imagine yourself as a tiny ant
Or in the forest as a rubber plant
Imagine you're a horse that knows how to ski
Or flying on the back of a buzzy bee

You can go anywhere you want to go
You can meet anyone you want to know
You can be anything you want to be
Your imagination will set you free
Your imagination will set you free

Join us this fall...and set your imagination free...


Lyrics by the wonderfully imaginative Bob Doyle

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