Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Is it Time Yet?

Lois Peirent, you may know her as Loey.  The Art is…You family know her as The Time Keeper.

Seen here with the fabulous Michael Albert…

One year…on her own, a little unsure, a little scared and yet brave enough to sign up for the Art is…You experience she made herself known by asking Ellen to pick her workshops! Every year since then, while Ellen continues to pick her workshops, Loey has created for herself an important role within our family.

Seen here with another of integral cogs in the wheel…Colleen

Loey keeps time for us all.  From the day that Art is…You is over one year and on until the next.  She is a constant reminder to us all that our time together draws nearer and nearer. We love her for that and the spark of laughter that she generates in all of us each day with her quips, her comments, and her no nonsense attitude. 

As the “Information” sits in NY and prepares lists, allocates rooms, and sorts out registrations, the “Decoration” sits in CT covering every available work space with glitter and grunge, creating name badges, gifts and treats for each and every person that walks in the door.


Time is drawing near and with it the anticipation for both organizer, teacher and student.  The knowledge that only a few short weeks separate us from reconnecting and enjoying a special bond that is unique to our retreat. 


We love our East Coast family and we can’t wait to race down the foyer to smooch arrivals as they appear.  Oh the places they will go this year…to discover just WHO they are!


Our ticket to ride is extended this year.  We got lucky with a group of fabulous teachers and two weeks before ART IS …. WHO we will touch down in on the West Coast for ART IS…PETALUMA


We can’t quite believe the wonderful support received by our West Coast friends who are coming out in record numbers to attend our inaugural event.  Thrilled that Rice Freeman-Zachery and the lovely Earl will be with us to celebrate.  Excited that we can celebrate this moment with the team from HALLOWEEN AND VINE and ready to watch the magic that happens between faculty and student.

We love this ride.


We have some extra seats if you want to join us…


Now is the time to play.  Art is…You is the family to belong to. 

Hey Loey .. Time Check Please!

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