Monday, July 18, 2011

Kecia’s Winged Love

Kecia Deveney came into our lives four years ago when vending at Art is…You with the most spectacular booth of jewelry and assorted items and from that moment she has become one of our most loyal, and popular  teachers.


Kecia creates for her students an unforgettable experience and  they  always walk out exclaiming…I MADE THIS! This is Beverley with her finished piece from Kecia’s Class – it is one our most favorite images from Art is…You.


So yesterday we gathered at the Homestead for the last workshop in the 2011 Art in the Garden Summer Series.


Another magic day under the trees where we were all so focused on collage, glitter, chain and resin…I mean really is there anything better than that? 


Delightful and personalized hand created kits which felt like gifts, were at each person’s station and from those kits with a little help from our imagination, our memories of past experiences, and from our desire to encapsulate a message or moment that had meaning to us…we created our wings of love…


Each of our Wings of Love had its own magic, color and sparkle. Once the resin dries (24 hours and no poking it) we have chains, charms and doodads to add.


“shhhh there is an angel beside me”  - featuring Sallianne (who is not picking her nose) and her angelic sister Hayley – Christmas 1970.


Once again time stood still only to awaken when we exhaled and exclaimed … I MADE THIS!


Thank you Kecia, Jane, Loretta, Patricia, Patty, Thea, Colleen and Aunty M for another wonderful Day…

Check out Loretta’s blog for her take on the day…Pomegranates and Paper…

and for those of you who would like to experience this workshop, it is being repeated at Art is…You in Danbury.  Thursday 6 October, 2011 from 2:00pm-5:00pm.  Thursday has wonderful 3 hr workshops that you can take in the morning and afternoon. 

Register for the day.  Then EMAIL US:  with your morning selection and in the afternoon, you too can make your own Wings of Love….


22-26 September 2011 - Petaluma, CA

6-11 October 2011 – Danbury, CT

15-18 March 2012 – Sydney AUSTRALIA

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Jenny Petricek said...

I absolutely adore these pieces! As a mixed-media paper artist, I've not yet dabbled in the creating jewelry, but I am SO intrigued by the way the workshop participants utilized the tools of my trade to embellish their charms@ The collaged patterns, images, and text give each piece that extra texture and interest that is so remarkable! Thanks for posting them!