Thursday, May 26, 2011

Art Is…Doing What You Love


and every May for the last five years we have done exactly that….headed North to wherever our dear friend and “artre-preneur” – Jen O’Connor and her wickedly good bad and gorgeous angels happen to be hanging out!

This year we headed to the magical Schuyler Ponds loving owned and operated by the very kind and warm hearted Amanda Crames.  Schuyler Ponds is located in the glorious Saratoga Springs and if you have not taken the chance to visit this unique town, we encourage you to do so…we will certainly be back.


Some of us came in from Connecticut, some of us came in from Rochester and some of us from New Jersey via a pit stop in Westchester, NY.  Those travelling from Westchester NY soon discovered that if the conversation is interesting enough you can very easily shoot past the appropriate turn off and be heading to Montreal if you are not careful!!

Arriving at our destination, there was no rest for the wicked…as much as the wicked would have liked to have rested here!


or here….


There were treasures to be discovered…



Parties to be planned…


and so many doors with so many new opportunities to discover…


Art Pep Rally … Earth Angel Style …


Queens caught up with Crown Jewelers…


Girlfriends smooched….


Posers Posed…with their new (Melody Elizabeth) Book Bags…


or with their paintings…


and proved they will be right at home on campus!


There was even a chance to breath and take in the magic…


While we all agree we can never get enough of our Earth Angels and their magical art, we will equally agree that taking the time to enjoy our art friendships has become just as valuable, just as priceless and just as important.


A weekend away like this takes planning – meals in the freezer, schedules on the fridge, and the washing up to date…but they are important to the psyche of the art girl. 

She returns happier and more relaxed.  She is richer in art treasures and truly is a much nicer person than she was when she left. 

Which means when the house goes to pot and the kids haven’t been bathed in 2 days, she copes and she rejoices because planning for the next escape can begin knowing that dinner is already made, thanks to the family surviving on frozen waffles and take-out!


P.S. Having a jar of “Fudge Girl’s” (Katie Camarro) Chocolate Ecstasy, helps to cope with a house that has gone to pot…just remember to hide it behind the BBQ Sauce!


Dawn said...

Each photo more wonderful than the next...and I shall remember where to hide my goodies now, BBQ sauce who'd a thunk it!

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

Aww - wish I wuz there! Next time! And I want photos of what y'all bought!

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

wow, love this Sal. Beautiful pictures and looks like you all had so much fun. Betti and the cupcake truck - now that is not her's, right?