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Faculty Name: Jodi Ohl
Birthplace: I was born and raised in good old Western New York
Current Residence: I was a yankee and now I’m a Southern Belle, living in central North Carolina in a sweet small town south of Raleigh,  called Aberdeen.

Necessary Job:

Believe it or not, the girl who never used to balance her check book is now a bank manager by day. I’ve worked in this role for the last ten years!

How long have you been doing art?

I’ve always liked to draw and doodle, occasionally play with watercolors but I really dove in with no turning back into mixed media painting and collage about 4 years ago.

At what age did you begin creating and why?

I found my way back to art after years of  respite when I was about 38 years old (4 years ago) after some troubling times. Art was my safety net, my security blanket, my way to heal and so much more.  Now it’s become a dream that I can truly see me doing full time in the very near future. All the stars are starting to align, I just need to be pushed off that cliff and take a plunge.  

What is your favorite part of teaching?

I love sharing what I know and potentially help others find that art can truly help you heal and grow at the same time.  To see others overcome their fear of even beginning and see the joy that they feel while creating, well, it just goes without saying that teaching is very rewarding.  I also love the energy of being amongst people who share the love of creating as much as I do.  I often find that I walk away from the experience with more than I gave just being around the best students anyone could ask for. Smile

What do you find most challenging about teaching?

The most challenging part of teaching an open class is preparing for the very very beginner in the same class as the student who is very experienced.   You need keep everyone on task but not so far behind or far head that you loose the momentum of your class to either end of the spectrum.  I think my management background helps me over come this challenge in many ways but with ever class you just learn from all the new experiences and you continue to grow as a teacher as well.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time—I create, what else?? LOL   Well, besides painting and playing in my journal, I have 2 sons ages 10 and 16  so hanging out with them is something enjoy doing in my spare time. In addition to creating, hanging with my boys, I also enjoy playing with my new camera (a canon rebel).  I hope to expand on my photography skills this year.  Stay tuned for that one!

What is your favorite type of art medium?

I love acrylic paint, I couldn’t live without it.

Who is your favorite artist?

I really enjoy the work of contemporary artists like Traci Bautista, Alisa Burke, and Jesse Reno. Their colorful loose graffiti style has definitely influenced my art in a lot of ways.  

What is one interesting (trivial) fact that everyone should know about you? 

I secretly like to karoake  (at home)  with my boys and who ever dares to listen. Mind you I can’t sing for anything but I love messing around like a goof ball with a microphone in my hand. Smile))

Attach your favorite image and detail why it is your favorite.

Here’s one of my first photos I’ve taken with my new camera.  Let me know what you think!

UnderThePier (1283 x 855)

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Dawn said...

Love this photo, reminds me of the ribs of a reat beast...

Great learning about you and I love to karaoke even though I can't sing, lol it's great fun