Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Paints

I have been to many art retreats before, but never have I grown so close to so many of the other people BEFORE I even got there. This will be like "Old Home Week". You are all so wonderful, friendly, sharing, and FUN people...........Ellen and Sallianne, you have assembled a grand group of teachers, classes, vendors and activities. I can't wait to meet the "Aussie Mum", to do journaling with Loretta, to bead with Annie, to learn from Lillian, to gift you all with my trades, to shop till I drop at vendor's booths, and to give big ole hugs to all of my new BFF's.....(Sue, CA)

Art Is...
The smoosh of a rubber stamp on crisp paper;
The whirr of the sewing machine piecing a block;
The clatter of beads being threaded on a needle;
The snip of a wire cutter attaching a clasp to a bracelet;
The tap of the painter's brush mixing the perfect sunset red;
The prick of a needle piercing layers of fabric;
The rip of watercolor paper being torn into signatures;
The squish of acrylics leaving a tube;
The hum of activity in a room full of dollmakers;
The giggles of artists making tiaras;
The greetings of artists not seen since last year;
The applause of generous artists at Show 'N Tell;
The sounds of lives changing;
The words of joy, the tears of happiness,
The bonds of friendship forged through art.
These things and more, are all what Art Is.
Art is waiting for you.

By Loretta Benedetto Marvel


Michael Albert
Lillian Alberti
Colleen Athens
Loretta Benedetto Marvel
Rachel Betterley
Robin Betterley
Nicole Chazaud Telaar
Jane Davila
Kecia Deveney
Michael de Meng
Cyndi Duncan
Judy Gula
Pamela Hastings
Jenny Heid
Angela Huggins
Pamela Huntington
Keith Lo Bue

Melanie Ann Mercado
Laurie Meseroll
Kimberly Moore
Aaron Nieradka
Jo Packham
JoAnnA Pierotti
Margo Potter
Taryn Reece
Diane Russell-Horn
Tracy & Allison Stilwell
Diana Trout
Lesley Venable
Elin Waterston
Suze Weinberg
KC Willis

Create a piece of art that depicts you...

Every artist will have their name/website & thumbnail of image
displayed on the Art Is..You website.

Submit as many pieces of art as you wish.

No limitation on medium.

No larger than 12"x 12"x 5".

Auction can choose...

75% to Little Baby Face Foundation and 25% to artist


75% to artist and 25% to Little Baby Face Foundation.

Yours in art,

Ellen and Sallianne
Wicked and Good!

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