Friday, May 15, 2009

Art Is...Where Sallianne Creates!

Where Women Create is an inspiring magazine (and now website). I find it fascinating what people surround themselves with, in order to discover what lies in their heart and under their skin. For me it is surrounding myself with the work of those I love and admire, my flea market finds and the magazines that I subscribe to in the hope of finding a moment in time to enjoy.

1930's Wire Dress Form - she needed her own bouquet

Ever the list girl - some of the projects that I am wanting to achieve
together with some vintage cupcake holders and dimestoredaze wings

Kecia art with some of my fav girls and easter chick

Black and White Challenge

You can never have enough Artgirlz Ballz

You fit more in your old desk drawers if they sit outside of the desk!

The Goddess - and her all brooches, badges stands on my dresser and reminds me everyday of the wonderful life-friend I found in the Goddess

Somebody was throwing these let them speak...

My current reads...who doesn't love a little Mrs Pom
Where do you Create?
What inspires you?
What is your favorite supply?
Tell us....

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